Accessories for Lanyards































Safety Breakaway Buckles
A safety buckle is a must for workers, machine operators and professional drivers. The buckle will breakaway in case of emergency.
Design Ideas
Safety Breakaway Buckles
Safety Breakaway Buckles
Length Adjusters
With length adjusters, same size length lanyards are more suitable for different people.
Metal Adjusters

Metal Adjusters

Design Idea

Desisn Idea



A detachable buckle makes a lanyard more professional and more useful. A mobile phone may easily be detached from the lanyard and put the phone on the table. One may easily switch a company pass to a personal mobile phone with a detachable buckle. That is why some staffs may ask for more than one lanyards.
Detachable Buckles
Detachable Buckles

Detachable Buckle with Different Colors

Lanyards with Detachable Buckles
Lanyards with Detachable Buckle



















Retractable Badge Reel
Metal Badge Reel

A retractable badge reel is a very useful item for those who need to pull out their company pass to show their clients or to slide through company access system. The below is only part of our samples. We can also imprint your logo onto the badge reels or to make a metal badge on it.
Plastic Retractable Badge Reels

Metal Badge Reel

Metal Badge Reel

























Special Items for Lanyards
Bottle Holders

Professional cashiers may need money detectors while sales people may need laser pointers in their lanyards.
Useage Ideas

PVC Products

Bottle Holder


Laser Pointers

UV Money Detectors

Personal Alarms


































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